How Do I Take Care of My Tires?

June 12th, 2018 by

Checking Tire Pressure

Huntington drivers know that regular tire care contributes to your Acura vehicle’s performance, but understanding what to look for and when can be tough to remember. In order to avoid unnecessary maintenance and keep your car running smoothly, it’s important to:

  • Inspect tread condition
  • Check tire pressure
  • Monitor weight and speed

Inspect Tires Regularly

Keeping an eye on your tire’s overall condition will help you judge when your wheels are experiencing abnormal wear and tear. A good rule of thumb is to visually inspect your tires every time you get an oil change, about every 5,000 miles or so. Look for any signs of damage, and try the “penny test” to check for tread depth: insert a penny into one of your tire’s tread grooves, with Lincoln’s head facing upside down. If you can see all of his head, your tread depth is too low.

Check the Pressure

Tire pressure is key for navigating the road safely, so it is crucial to ensure they have enough air. Check your owner’s manual for the exact air pressure for your specific model, and stay alert to any built-in tire pressure monitors your vehicle may have. Fluctuations in weather or temperature can affect your tire pressure, so if a change occurs, be sure to fill up your tires right away.

Monitor Cargo Load

Your tires bear the weight of not only you and your passengers, but the entire vehicle and everything it is carrying. If you are not conscious of your vehicle’s total weight capacity, you could be putting additional strain on your tires, risking a blowout.

Monitor Your Speed

If you have a lead foot, your increased driving speed will be working your tires at a faster rate, creating additional heat and damage. Rather than treating your vehicle like a race car, maintain the speed limit and give yourself enough time to arrive at your destination safely.

Schedule Service at Acura of Huntington

When it’s time to service your tires, visit the experts at Acura of Huntington near Melville. To keep your Acura RDX safety at its peak, make sure to take care of your tires. We have a state-of-the-art service center with highly trained technicians who are ready to help with any automotive issue. Schedule your service appointment today so you can enjoy your road trip without hassle!

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