Celebrate National Car Care Month at Acura of Huntington

April 9th, 2019 by

April is National Car Care Month, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you! Acura of Huntington has the premier auto service center in the area, and we specialize in taking the time to care for your vehicle like it’s our very own. Book an appointment in our Acura service center, and we will assist you with all your car service and repair needs.

There are many benefits to keeping your vehicle maintained. After spending your hard-earned money on it, it simply makes sense to continue investing small amounts to protect it and make sure it retains top value for when you want to sell or trade it in down the road.

Typically, routine maintenance is affordable and quick, so there’s just no reason not to! Replacing filters as needed and exchanging fluids, especially oil, is only beneficial to the overall health and efficiency of your vehicle. To get the most miles out of your tires, you’ll want to get them rotated routinely and have the alignment checked.

At Acura of Huntington, we can do a full checkup, as well as diagnose any vehicle issues you’re having. We aren’t here to overcharge or cause you to have unnecessary work done. Instead, we can make a recommendation and leave the choice up to you and your budget.

We hope you come to us to order Acura parts and let us help you with any needed repairs. Spring is the perfect time to catch up on needed car care tasks, and we are here to help you at our Acura dealership near Bayshore. Call or come by to make an appointment today.

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